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Weathergroove Smooth 150

Weathergroove Smooth 150

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Tech information:

  • Weight per board: max 43.7 kg
  • Weight/m2: 10kg
  • Bal Rating: 19
  • Off-stud joining option enables minimal waste and less timber stud layout.

All Weathertex products are made out of 100% natural products, 97% hardwood and 3% paraffin wax. It’s the ultimate natural cladding solution for anyone seeking sustainable building materials at no extra cost.

This vertically grooved panel is ideal for covering large areas in a short time. It is environmentally friendly, versatile and possibilities are endless. Weathergroove Smooth 150mm Architectural panel provides a smooth flat surface finish. The grooves are spaced 140mm apart. The 5mm deep groove is 13mm wide, with a flat smooth base. 

Curved walls can be achieved down to a minimum 7m radius for Weathergroove.

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