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STRUCTAflor – TERMIflor H2

STRUCTAflor – TERMIflor H2

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Tech information:

  • Protected against termite damage – treated in accordance with Australian Standards
  • STRUCTAflor TERMIflor has a blue coloured edge wax to identify floor type.
  • Inbuilt moisture protection
  • Wax impregnated throughout
  • Edge wax coated
  • No need to seal uncut edges
  • Third-party certified by the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia
  • Produced in Australia from sustainably grown Australian plantation pine

STRUCTAflor – TERMIflor H2 offers a practical, flexible and cost-effective choice when building your new home or extension. With an extensive range of options, they are ideal for subfloors, suspended floors in multi-storey construction, additions and extensions and commercial flooring; as well as a host of building applications. An interior all-purpose flooring for use primarily in residential buildings and designed for both platform and fitted flooring construction methods.This is a termite-protected structural grade particleboard sheet flooring, providing cost-effective long-term defence against termite damage. For use in domestic and residential buildings. It is particularly suited to platform construction, (where the floor is laid prior to erection of walls), as well as fitted floor construction.

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