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Tech information:

  • Weight per sheet – Stratum | Stratum Woodgrain = 4.8 (kg/m2)
  • Weight per sheet – Stratum Duo  | Stratum Duo Woodgrain = 4.7 (kg/m2)
  • Weight per sheet – Stratum Trio = 4.6 (kg/m2)
  • Weight per sheet – Stratum Contour = 2.2 (kg/m2)
  • Manufactured to the Australian / New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2908.2-2000 Cellulose-Cement Products,
  • BGC Fibre Cement products have been Fire Resistance tested in accordance with Australian Standard AS1530.3.
  •  Stratum complies with the requirements of AS 2908.2

Profile information 

  • Stratum 300mm is a wide plank with a 16mm horizontal joint; 
  • Stratum Duo 300mm is a wide plank with a 16mm centre groove and the look of two slimmer planks; 
  • Stratum Trio is a wide plank with two 16mm grooves; 
  • Stratum Contour 170mm is a slimmer plank with a 2mm indentation at the top.

Stratum Weatherboards offer versatile solutions for both exterior cladding on low to medium rise buildings and the creation of striking interior feature walls. Their shiplap horizontal joining system allows for easy and swift installation, resulting in a timeless yet modern aesthetic.

With six distinct profiles to choose from, Stratum Weatherboards provide a range of design possibilities. These boards are resistant to permanent water damage, ensuring durability even in prolonged exposure. Furthermore, they are impervious to rot, fire, and termite damage, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. The straightforward installation process makes them a practical choice for any project.

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