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Posts F7 Cypress Pine Timber

Posts F7 Cypress Pine Timber

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Tech information:

  • Durability in-ground: 15 – 25 yrs
  • Durability above ground: More than 40 yrs
  • Stress Grade – F7
  • Form – Sawn
  • Species Type – Softwood
  • Resistant to termites

Cypress timber offers natural durability, aesthetic appeal, and eco-friendliness for outdoor projects. Its resistance to rot, termites, and decay makes it a chemical-free choice safe for the whole family. Can be sawn or dressed either way it’s a standout option. Sourced sustainably, cypress aligns with eco-conscious practices. Easy workability and low maintenance. In short, cypress is a reliable, enduring choice for external construction.Perfect for decks, pergola posts, bali huts, fencing and much more…

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