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Merbau Post GL17s

Merbau Post GL17s

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Tech information:

  • Australian standard AS1328
  • Certified by the Glued Laminated Timber Association of Australia (GLTAA)
  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • BAL29 Rated
  • Natural resistance to rot, decay and termites
  • Post ideal for joinery, decking, and rails

GL17s Merbau Laminated Posts are an excellent choice for both stunning and structural posts in your building project. These posts are made from small pieces of Merbau timber, bonded with a durable, structural glue. This ensures their suitability for external use, even in bushfire-prone areas. Resistant to termites and designed for exceptional durability, they outperform other commonly used timbers in terms of strength and longevity. Perfect for both aesthetic and practical applications, GL17s Merbau Laminated Posts offer a superior solution for creating beautiful structures in any environment.

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