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Magnum Board Flooring Underlay

Magnum Board Flooring Underlay

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Beautiful. Functional. Sustainable

Tech information:

  • CO2 negative
  • High impact resistance
  • Non-combustible with zero flame spread
  • Mould and insect proof, perfect for wet areas
  • Tongue and Groove for easy installation
  • Approved for internal and external application
  • 30 Year Warranty
  • AccreditMark Appraisal
  • Silica Free – safer for your team
  • 32kg per sheet – lighter than alternatives

Introducing Magnum Board Flooring Underlay, a revolutionary solution designed to elevate your construction and renovation projects. This underlay is CO₂ negative, supporting eco-friendly building practices and contributing to a sustainable future.

Magnum Board is engineered with high impact resistance, ensuring strength under various conditions. Its non-combustible nature with zero flame spread provides enhanced safety, particularly in fire-prone areas. Additionally, the material is resistant to mold and insects, making it ideal for use in wet or humid environments where other materials might falter.

The Tongue and Groove design of Magnum Board simplifies the installation process, allowing for quick, seamless, and hassle-free application, significantly improving on-site efficiency. Suitable for both internal and external applications.

Backed by a 30-year warranty, Magnum Board Flooring Underlay ensures long-term reliability and peace of mind. It has also undergone all testing requirements, earning an AccreditMark Appraisal that attests to its quality and performance standards

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