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LVL E14 – Victoria & Tasmania

LVL E14 – Victoria & Tasmania

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Tech information: 

  • Type ‘A’ (marine) bond
  • AS/NZS 4357.0:2005 (R2016) Structural laminated veneer lumber Specifications

E14 LVL is a Laminated Veneer Lumber beam, crafted with a Type ‘A’ (marine) bond, renowned for its long-term durability. Ideal for structural applications, specifically designed for framing and truss projects.” LVL’s are a engineered wood product made by bonding together layers of thin wood veneers with adhesive resin to create a strong, durable, and dimensionally stable material. LVL beams are commonly used in construction and are known for their high load-bearing capacity. They are often used as structural elements in applications such as beams, headers, and joists in buildings and other construction projects. LVL beams are favoured for their consistent strength and reliability, making them a popular choice in the construction industry

These beams are characterised by their stiffness, often denoted as the ‘E’ value, with E13 and E14 being the most common variants. The higher the E value, the greater the stiffness, resulting in minimal deflection.”

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