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Duraply ACQ Treated F14 Plywood

Duraply ACQ Treated F14 Plywood

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Tech information:

  • 100% Plantation pine 
  • F14 Stress grade  
  • Manufacture using hydro-electric power 
  • easy to install  
  • Preservative treatment ACQ H3 by individual veneer
  • Treated to Hazard Class H3 with ACQ 
  • Long lasting and durable external surface
  • Suitable for painting or staining
  • Manufacturing standard: AS/NZS 2269 & AS/NZS 1604.3

Duraply is a versatile structural material, well-suited for a diverse range of applications. Its robust composition makes it an excellent choice for flooring and various other structural uses in both residential and commercial construction projects. This plywood proves to be a reliable and essential component in the building of homes and commercial establishments alike.

  • Even with panels painted, this material isn’t recommended for house cladding, as moisture can still seep through the paint coating

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