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H2 Framing Timber

H2 Framing Timber

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Tech information:

  • Kiln-dried, 
  • Machine-grade pine framing 
  • MGP10, MGP12
  • Suitable for use in weather-protected applications such as wall framing and roof trusses.
  • H2 Envelope treated
  • AS/NZS1748 – timber stress grades 
  • AS3660 – termite standards

H2-treated pine is used for internal structural framing, that undergoes machine grading and adheres to Australian Standards through rigorous testing.H2 Blue treated pine framing is used for internal structural framing in areas from south of the capricorn down to the northern outskirts of melbourne. Sold as a structural product adhering to MGP 10 (Machine Graded Pine) and MGP 12 Standards. 

Ideal for high-strength structural applications such as wall frames and roof trusses in residential or commercial constructions.

H2 Meaning:

H2 timber treatment is a specific type of timber preservation process designed to enhance the durability and resistance of timber. This treatment process is primarily focused on protecting the wood from insect attacks, particularly termites, which can cause significant damage to untreated timber. 

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