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Galvanised Square Hollow Section

Galvanised Square Hollow Section

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Square Hollow Sections are created from fully hot-dipped galvanised steel strips, ensuring durability and protection both inside and out. Their flat surface simplifies joining and fabrication, eliminating the need for special preparation for welding or top coats. Moreover, they offer versatility – easily powder coat them, drill, cut, or bend to suit various applications. Whether you’re building, renovating, or handling projects, Square Hollow Sections provide a reliable option for seamless work and customisation.

Square Hollow Sections (SHS) serve various purposes across industries and applications. They are commonly used in scaffolding, fences, staircases, trusses, and storage facilities. Additionally, SHS are used in furniture construction, hydraulic platforms, cranes, and machinery components. Their durability and capacity to withstand diverse environmental conditions make them suitable for creating sign posts and guardrails.

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