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Ceramic Tile Floor Underlay

Ceramic Tile Floor Underlay

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Tech information:

  • Weight per sheet – 6mm = 8.8 (kg/m2)
  • Classified as a Type B Category 2 sheet, suitable for internal use.
  • Fire Resistance tested in accordance with Australian Standard AS1530.3.
  • Ceramic Tile Underlay complies with the requirements of AS2908.2. cellulose cement products

Ceramic Tile Floor Underlay, a specially formulated fibre cement sheet engineered to serve as a reliable foundation for slate and ceramic floor tiles. This versatile underlay can be installed over both new and existing surfaces like timber floorboards, plywood, or particleboard flooring. In dry areas, you can tile directly onto the Ceramic Tile Underlay for a seamless, easy-to-clean surface.However, in wet areas or places prone to accidental flooding or water exposure, it’s recommended to incorporate a waterproof membrane between the underlay and the tiling for added protection. Elevate your tiling projects with the stability and durability of BGC Ceramic Tile Floor Underlay.

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